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 Our Philosophy

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Most business owners have enough on their plate with day-to-day operations. They need someone to see what's coming over the horizon and help them keep their competitive edge.

What is my competition doing? What new interactive tools are available to me? At what point do I reach market saturation?

These are all concerns that any business owner should have. Double Helix, unlike many other design firms does not apply a broad, cookie cutter formula to all of its clients. We focus on YOUR online goals by putting together a custom marketing and design plan to fit within your budget and needs.

Service Does Not End With Design
Many interactive firms miss the most important part of the equation: Bringing visitors to your website and then converting them into customers. Double Helix approaches every client from two perspectives, design and performance. Our real talents lie in our ability to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition in both the look of their marketing message and the ongoing delivery of new revenue streams using the latest online tools and technology.

Partners in Growth and Success
The bottom line is that we gauge our success based on your success - and we'll be there long after the design work is done and the marketing message is delivered to ensure that your dollars have worked hard for your business. That means we're in it for the long haul, helping you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

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