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 Case Studies - Bay Shore Chowders

The Goal
When Double Helix first met with Bay Shore Chowders, their website was dysfunctional, outdated and recording little to no online sales. They were frustrated and disillusioned by the fact that this was their second website and it was drastically under performing. Their goal was to breathe new life into their online business and finally realize their online revenue goals while expanding their wholesale restaurant and grocery store business.

Our Approach
Starting with design, Double Helix crafted an entirely new website, one focused on showcasing their product line of gourmet chowders and bisques. The new site made it easy to buy online, and we incorporated incentives for bulk purchases and shipping savings based on the amount purchased. Secondly, we culled all the existing email addresses they had in their system and set up a place on their site for customers to subscribe to their emails. Using a Bay Shore chowder mug as an incentive, their email subscriber list grew dramatically in a relatively short period of time. In addition, we began an aggressive online pay-per-click campaign, to jump start sales while maintaining a healthy return on their marketing dollars.

Ongoing Promotions and Incentives
To keep the site content fresh and give people a reason to return to the site, we created specials that updated themselves automatically based on the date and with specific buying opportunities in mind. Because the product was a consumable, we could market to the same customers while building up the customer base by offering deals at date-appropriate times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Super Bowl parties. That, coupled with regular email promotions, has increased sales exponentially over the past two years. Today we continue our efforts with Bay Shore Chowders, offering new products, gift certificates and gift packs to customers all over the United States.
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