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case study weighless nutrition centers

Breaking Through Regional Barriers
Weighless Nutrition Centers have been open and successful in New England for many years. From locations in Vermont to Rhode Island, they offer clients one-on-one counseling, a choice of diet plans including fully-prepared meals and even ongoing support after weight loss goals have been reached. South Florida seemed like a logical place to expand operations and open new stores. They came to Double Helix to help make that happen.

Our Approach
We started with the basics and crafted an entirely new website from the ground up- one that was focused on the flexibility of Weighless Nutrition Centers' approach to weight loss, and also on what makes them better than their competition. Their unique combination of flexible meal options along with counselors that care about their clients was something that set them apart from other weight loss centers. Our job was to make sure their website showed that commitment to the client's success, and also make it easy for them to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and weight.

Getting the Word Out
After the website was produced, Double Helix began an extensive SEO and internet marketing campaign. First key pages on the site were optimized to assist with organic search results, then Double Helix leveraged the power of Google Adwords to ensure high rankings for keywords and their combinations. With intense competition and high bids for the more well-known words, Double Helix saved the client a lot of money by managing the process effectively and at a much lower cost than would otherwise be achieved. In addition, the campaign was highly geo-targeted, showing up only in a predetermined radius around the new Florida locations. The end result, a high ROI and successful stores in the new South Florida market. Double Helix continues to drive qualified traffic to their website and centers, ensuring a long-standing presence in the area.
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