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 Email Marketing

Value is the Name of the Game
People don't give you their email address to be bombarded by self-serving companies whose main goal is to create brand recognition or show off the latest product. They do it in the hopes you will send them something of value, and in turn a reason to click. If you expect customers to open your emails, then tell them they're special and give them a little something for their effort.

When Enough is Enough
We all get them- the same emails from the same companies day in and day out. Our response - hit the delete button. If you don't want this to happen to your emails, you need to measure their performance and maximize both the message and the frequency of delivery. A good rule of thumb is to determine your customers' regular buying cycle and use that as a reference. Too much and you'll turn your customers off, too little and your results will less than stellar.

Paint a Nice Picture
When you get hundreds of emails a day, its often the ones that are laid out well and easy on the eyes that will get the attention. That, coupled with a clear message and picture of what you are selling can make all the difference in the world when executed properly.

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