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 Pay-Per-Click Management

PPC Management Pricing

Daily Advertising Budget
What is this?

Management Fee
What is this?

< $25

$300 /month

$26 - $39

$325 /month

$40 - $59

$350 /month

$42 - $50

$350 /month

$60 - $79

$400 /month

> $80

15% of monthly spend

Campaign Setup Cost

Includes initial analysis, research, account setup and testing.

$500 one-time fee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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What is PPC (pay-per-click) advertising?

PPC ads are sponsored links seen on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These ads are displayed at the top of search engine results when certain keywords are searched and are displayed in order based on bids made for each keyword. The advertiser then ONLY pays when the ad is clicked. Pay-Per-Click can produce large revenues for businesses of any size. Whether you are a local or nationwide business your PPC campaign can be optimized to target only the areas that you do business.

What is the advantage of PPC advertising?

In stark contrast to other forms of advertising, PPC can produce a guaranteed return on investment(ROI).How? By using your website's existing conversion rates and average sale, Double Helix can help you determine a bid threshold to ensure that every PPC advertising dollar works. Double Helix then monitors each campaign thoroughly and professionally to enhance revenue streams and provide a healthy ROI.

Already managing a PPC Campaign?

If you are, there's a very good chance it is not meeting your expectations and is a drain on your resources to manage keywords and bids daily. Managing PPC campaigns takes a lot of time and adjustments as well as an in-depth knowledge of search engines to manage keywords and bids properly. Our trained professionals can get a PPC campaign up and running quickly, efficiently and we will save you money on your keyword bids. Then we will back it up with monthly reports so you can see your progress along the way, in addition to periodic meetings to ensure we stay focused on the most important aspects of your business. Contact us for more information.
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