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 Services - Overview

Strategic Web Design
The goal is to expand your business and keep your customers coming back... you need a user-centric design with quick and easy access to attract the customers you want and quality content to keep them satisfied . . . more information

Pay-Per-Click Management
Level the playing field in the wild world of search engine rankings. With a little planning and management, Double Helix can generate a healthy return on your investment quickly and efficiently . . . more information

Search Engine Optimization
Let Double Helix take the guesswork out of optimizing your site for Google, Yahoo and the other search engines. We've been doing it for our clients for over 10 years with unprecedented success . . . more information

Email Marketing
Your customers were kind enough to give you their email address, so return the favor and give your subscribers added value with every email they receive from you. We can show you how. . . . more information

If you would like to learn more about how Double Helix's comprehensive internet marketing and design services can help your business grow, contact a representative today at 401.849.0303 or by email at info@dhimg.com.
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