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 Introducing SurePath - Double Helix's System For Success

Step One:  Design
It's often said "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". In other words, a website that is hard to navigate, doesn't inform your customers and isn't promoting your business is useless no matter how many visitors it gets.

People frequently get confused as to where design ends and marketing begins. Double Helix believes that the two are inseparable. We create simple, clean designs that serve a singular purpose: to sell your company's products and services.

Step Two:  Promote
When the design phase is completed we implement reliable and cost-effective methods of promoting your site. Our two-prong approach focuses on keeping existing customers informed and procuring new customers that are actively searching for your products and services. This method ensures a steady stream of sales coming through your website.

Step Three:  Measure & Adapt
By constantly evaluating marketing campaigns we help our clients increase sales while staying inside their budget. This information provides vital clues to ever-changing market conditions and drives change on our clients' websites. In turn, these changes keep our customers' websites current and provide the subjects for ongoing marketing initiatives by email, pay-per-click and other promotions. This process is self-sustaining and maintains a website's relevance long after its initial launch date.

If you would like to learn more about how Double Helix's SurePath Services can help your business grow, contact a representative today at 401.849.0303 or by email at
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